Dating age of consent in wisconsin

What is the Age of Consent in Wisconsin?

The girl told police she and Pillow started dating and having sex a couple months after meeting, and she would stay overnht with Pillow and his children. Brown said the teen was a willing participant and initially told both Pillow and police she was 19."Steven Pillow is kind of what I see to be a quintessential problem with our law," Brown said.

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"When you have somebody using affirmative representations about their age to deceive someone else, for me, none of us feel it's morally incorrect if the man is operating under reasonable assumption about the other person's age."But that information doesn't come into play during trial, and mentioning it to a jury could result in a mistrial, the attorneys said."You have no choice but to raise it at your sentencing hearing and hope the judge cares," Streicher said.

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There are few viable defenses in child sexual assault cases."It's a strict liability crime.

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You don't have to have the purpose in mind to do something criminal," said defense attorney Rod Streicher. Like a speeding ticket, you could not know you're speeding, but it doesn't matter."The belief that every sex offender is a dark, evil predator can have serious consequences, said Kenneth Lanning, a former FBI special agent who spent 20 years analyzing crimes against children and sexual victimization."I see it as problematic," Lanning said.

Dating age of consent in wisconsin:

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